Friday, November 10, 2006

Sensei, what's a "sphincter"?

The staff at my school are great. We often bring in little bits of chocolate or what not and share them with one another.

Today, I walked into the office to find this little gem on offer.

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Seriously... I mean... even the candy itself looks liked a creamed colon.

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Fortunately, I am a nice co-worker, and managed to get hold of my laughter after only a few minutes. After all, I am here to teach, not to criticize or mock. So, I pulled up my trusty online dictionary (surprisingly found at and printed out the definitions of "Colon" and "Cream".

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I know that more acceptable terms would be "anal sex" or "the orgasmic result of anal intercourse", and I know that many straight couples enjoy this practice as well. Still, I figured I'd go with definitions that I was sure they knew.

Apologies to any colon creamers in the audience. You know I love you.

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