Sunday, November 26, 2006

Help Wanted

I spotted a sweet job advertisement today.

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Apparently, this restaurant needs some floor staffs. (that would be "staff" for those of you, er, counting).

But the real fun requires you to be a bit closer...

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The English portion of the ad is quickly made redundant by demanding that patrons be able to communicate in Japanese. I suppose they are willing to take someone who can speak Japanese, but who can't read it.

And on the plus side, they also promise not to test you tooooo hard.

(Lab rats, Frankenstein's Monster(s) and Biology Majors need not apply.)

Also, I have no idea how much money they make at this restaurant, but if I could work 900 yen minutes for even one hour per day, I would quickly become a wealthy man. Unfortunately, for some reason, they seem to only pay you 850 yen per hour if you can read Japanese.

/ok ok... I'm being mean. a minimum of 900 yen per hour... but there's still no clear explanation for the wage difference.

English Help: Experience is what you often need for a job. Experiments are what you do to find out more about something, for example, cutting something open or soaking it in acid.


David said...

…or taking acid.

Jarvik said...

The 850en minimum wage is for highschool students...

Merry Man In Japan said...


A ha! A scholar!