Sunday, November 19, 2006

Healthy Digestion

Irony has many definitions, but I happen to enjoy these two the most:

1) A difference between what is expected and what actually happens.
2) When a word is used to mean something different than it's literal (dictionary) definition.

About 74% of the fun I have in Japan comes from the fact that I see irony everywhere.

(Editor's note: most likely, this indicates that the irony is within the Author, as he has (1) strange expectations and (2) a really strange mind).

Of course, whenever possible, I try to explain things with food.

Q: What are we going to eat for dinner?
A: Stomach!

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Interesting trivia: You can tell how long a western person has been living in Asia by the materials they come up with when trying to guess the identity of a new food. You can guess how much they like it here by their reaction to said new food.

Me: (holding up sliced stomach) " this seaweed...or octopus.... or what?"
Friend: It's cow stomach.
Me: Ok. (chewing...) Mmmm! Tasty!

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