Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sushi: Now available in your fridge!

I've always enjoyed a lot of sushi, but have generally restricted its consumption to restaurants and the occasional take-out party. Now, though, the supermarket is fair game, and they are open 24 hours! Woo!

That means I eat a lot more of this:

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Buying a package of sashimi from my local grocer is a relatively new phenomenon in my life. I think I can safely say that most people don't have enough faith in their local supermarket to take home a fish and eat it without cooking it. I was one of them. Here in Japan, though, the packages of fish come with little bits of wasabi or ginger. Well, that's enough to demonstrate to me that the grocer actually does expect you to eat this with little preparation beyond slicing it up. This is a wonderful thing, ladies and gentlemen. It really makes you feel like a culinary artist to be able to carefully select you raw fish slab, drag it home, and prepare it with the sharpest knife you own. Yes, you are indeed an amateur sushi chef!

Well, you are...until the reality that you are nowhere near close to having the skill to make it LOOK all that appetizing.

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I like to call these "Picasso Rolls". Er, not because I'm an artist, but because the proportions are all wrong and everything looks a bit twisted and freakish.
Still, they tasted pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Just an FYI,
Cuttlefish are definitely not "aka squid".
For starters cuttlefish have a bone (called cuttlebone). They also have a ... frilly fin around their body.
They're related, just like the octopus - but if you look at pictures they're pretty different.

you're offending the molluscs of the ocean

Merry Man In Japan said...

Right you are! Thanks for keeping me within the vague realm of fact. I'll fix this tonight.

Nonetheless, they all go down the same gullet, right?