Sunday, December 10, 2006

I love Japanese game shows

I don't watch a lot of Japanese television, but there are some shows that make me wish I did. You see, not only to a lot of Japanese game shows involve doing horrible things to the contestants, they are also horrible and RIDICULOUS things.

The other thing that Japanese game shows love is involving foreigners. In this case, we add Ernesto Hoost, who is a K-1 fighter. (For those of you who don't follow sports where people kick the ever-loving shit out of one another,"K-1" is one of the more violent iterations). The show in question is "Silent Library", where the contestants randomly dish out strange punishments to one of their group. The twist is that this all supposedly takes place in a library, so everything has to be done as silently as possible.

Here you go...

If you want to experience more of this wonderfulness, I suggest searching for "gaki no tsukai" on youtube.

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ed said...

The shaved head guy and the dude right front are the Osakan comedy duo Downtown.

While there, don't miss this.

Japanese telebi is a trip, i especially enjoy the fact that you are never alone, there's always someone, in a tiny picture-in-picture, watching along with you.