Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Safety First

The other day, I was waiting for a friend outside of Shinjuku Station. I noticed that a small crowd had gathered around a strange trailer-like contraption. And by "gathered", I mean "almost entirely ignored".

Still, it is often worth braving public disinterest in the search for randomness.

Fortunately for me, dear reader, and for you, that little contraption happened to be an Air Bag Simulator.

Fortunately, the speed is set to around seven kilometres per hour. Thus, this simulator is only intended to show you what it is like to crash an airbag equipped ride-on lawnmower.

Of course, this is Japan, so a few key things are important.

1) Be sure not to equip the passenger side with an Airbag.

2) Be sure to allow children to come along. Lawsuits? What lawsuits?

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ed said...

Hey Brent, really enjoying your blog. Okay not necessarily this particular post, but the whole blog in general. Sure, you haven't taken a pix of a real star like David Hasselhoff, but you did manage to snap a pix of Steven Seagal, and you did get into a rowboat on that nasty pond in Ueno. You wimped out on the shrine carrying, but you did climb the mountain.

Looking forward to reading your further adventures in the Year of the Pig.
I'm off to foreign lands for a month, thought I'd leave you with some links-

Evolutionary backwater?

Guitarist? Kill me now.


Keep up the good work, your blog is a must read for any fan of Japanese culture.

ed said...

Fucking blogger won't let me do preview.
So I'll try again.

Guitarist? Kill me now.

Merry Man In Japan said...

Keep up the good work, your blog is a must read for any fan of Japanese culture.

Aw, shucks. Thanks for the links, and have fun in foreign lands.