Sunday, December 03, 2006

Japanese Sorry

Visited the Design Festa today.

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Note that it's not a "Fiesta" but rather a "Festa", which is totally different. Also, they have vol. 24 of the Festa Magazine available.

We'll have more on the Festa soon, but I wanted to share my newly prized sweatshirt with all of you wonderful people, to whom I hope never to apologise in this manner.

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tm said...

I get the same two Jehovah's Witnesses' at my front door once a month. You'd think they'd catch on eventually, but apparently not.

Have you been visited by the NHK people yet? Wanting you to pay to watch TV? Plaintively saying "You have TV?", while you close the door in their face?

Others have suggested it was the US Navy, but i blame the ASIJ Mormons for the 2002 outlawing of formerly legal 'shrooms. Bastards.

Merry Man In Japan said...

I've been warned about them since I arrived here, but I've never had the NHK people at my door. Maybe they caught on when I listed my name as "Joe Momha" on address box?

Truthfully, I live in a Leo Palace, which includes cable and internet in the rent. So, this may have kept them away from my doorstep.

It's too bad though... if they ever show up I plan on showing them that my TV is currently unplugged and being used as a bookshelf.

Or maybe they'll get sporthumped. One of those things.

Thanks for commenting and more so for reading!