Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ho Ho Ho: Let's Frightening Children!

I dressed up as Santa Claus for our school party, so I naturally decided it would be a good idea to wear the suit all day.

Including while shopping...

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...for delicious sushi.

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Ok, shut up. You get sick of eating reindeer steaks, elf puddding and baby seal sashimi when you live at the north pole 364 days each year.

Oooo...while we're discussing disturbing things, I can actually show you a two part photo montage of me scarring some poor child for life!

Mother: It's Santa-san! Take a picture!!!
Child: (fearful silence)
Mother: (silent pushing)
Child: (fearful retreating silence)
Mother: SANTA SAN DESU! (more forceful placing)

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Child: (fearful resignation, plus a lot of caution)

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/note the "safe space" between the child and scary foreign man with the big beard, who is clearly NOT Santa-san.

1 comment:

David said...

The kid has obviously already learned that Santa-san doesn't exist, and is wondering why her mother is trying to sell her to a foreigner who dresses up like Santa-san.