Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Two things of note happened recently. Both were rare and interesting experiences, and both changed my perspective on living in Japan in subtle yet meaningful ways.

Firstly, some pictures were taken of me recently that I was embarrassed to see. Yep. I managed to embarrass myself, rather than just the usual "strangers", "my friends" or "my poor, suffering mother".

So, of course, I'm posting the pictures.

Incidentally, one of the secrets of karaoke is not to sing songs that you like, but rather songs that are sung by people who are only 3893 times as vocally talented as you, rather than the songs that are sung by people who are 283939 times as talented as you.

For example:

Bad: Seal
Better: Green Day

Some Songs by popular bands may go well because everyone will automatically join in. This saves you having to hear your own voice for at least some of the session. Just remember to pick songs that you KNOW everyone knows.

Bad: Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Revolution #9
Better: Hey Jude, Let It Be

Anyway, I've discovered that if you happen to dredge up some serious 80's stadium rock, it can go reasonably well... or not. The bad news is that there's really no sure way to tell how well you can sing a particular song beforehand.

In my experience...
Bad: Bon Jovi
Better: Guns and Roses.

Surprisingly, a vaguely falsetto "knockin' on heaven's door" can be bearable and hysterically funny. Especially if you take it really really seriously when you are stretching out the chorus bits...

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Hrmm... I also saw some cool stuff.

I'll write more about what I'm smiling at in this picture soon.

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私は英語の先生日本語の学生、ね? ”この写真は登富士山ですから。”


Anonymous said...

Hi Brent,

How are you?

What does

You mean "富士登山”?or "富士山からです。”?

When you say, ”この写真は登富士山ですから。”it means "this is a photo of climbing Mt.Fuji"...

By English teacher.

Merry Man In Japan said...

First of all, I'm great. Thanks for asking!

Um... the 日本語, ね? some mistakes, I suspect. Umm....

I suppose that I was trying to say 富士登山... "this is a photo of climbing Mt. Fuji". Basically, the first part was my introduction:

I am an English Teacher AND a Japanese student... (so, I am going to try to write something in Japanese)... "This is a picture of climbing Mt. Fuji".

Should I say "富士登山” then?