Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Virtual Intelligence

My internet went down for a few days, so I tried my hand at emailing directly from my cell phone, rather than emailing posts to myself and wildly cutting and pasting them.

Alas, "moblogging" is too intelligent of a word for me (it looks like mo'blogging as in "more blogging!" or mob logging, as in "taking notes as we all burn a witch at the stake". Furthermore, the actual practice of "moblogging" is far too much for me as well. I need to do some rejigging or something and fiture out what "error 30837πr^2" is before I can actively spread insanity on the go.

A thought: this technology will allow me to post WHILE drinking. Suddenly, I feel like those kids who shoot roman candles off while holding them. It looks really fun, probably IS really fun, and will be basically safe 99.9% of the time. But that .1% mistake? It will REALLY suck.

Maybe error 30837πr^2 is in everyone's best interest.

So, anyway dear reader, now that the internet is BACK, I will go ahead and post my caps-lock bereft cell phone thoughts for your reading pleasure. You will have to PRETEND that I was smart enough to post by cell phone.

To help you with this monumental task, I have gone ahead and e-used my e-powers of e-time travel to change the dates on the previous posts. e-ha ha ha! It's VIRTUALLY like I'm intelligent, ne?

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