Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sweet Japan Pics # 6: Most Poorly Named Coffee EVAR

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An open letter:

Dear makers of "Deepresso",

I have three important items for your honourable selves:

1) Your coffee isn't working.

2) Thank you for brightening my day by trying to bring me down.

3) If you aren't sure why this is funny, you should understand that English words aren't always the sum of the words that you use to make them up. In this case, I imagine that you connected deep and espresso to make "Deepresso", and that you were aiming to help your customers get a sense of the deep coffee feeling and taste of your life changing coffee. This might have worked, if not for one unfortunate thing...

Depress is also a word.

With lots of linguistic love,


/Language links provided for any 日本人 kids that want to be in on the comedy and impress their friends by pointing out funny english.

1 comment:

.H said...

Ah, yes, but just how deep is that depression?