Friday, August 04, 2006

Baka Gaijin

I am sometimes a rather foul and offensive person, I have to admit. I may do it all in the name of comedy, but I can most certainly be a rude boy. Still, I would like to think that somewhere, someplace, there is someone who has managed to behave in a less socially acceptable manner in persuit of drunken laughter from his or her peers.

The other weekend, to my great joy and to the disgust of most of the other people present, I was soundly upstaged by someone who was willing to dispense with and/or eliminate even more dignity than I (um... at that particular time).

Here is a delightful picture of this cheerful gentlemen sport humping C, who is one of the managers (not mine). But, this is not any sport hump - oh no. This is a BEER flavoured sport hump.

Be sure to note that she is only 83% disgusted, because she is still smiling.

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/And no... before you go all assuming stuff... the only part of me in the picture is my thumb covering the lens.
//EDIT: BAKA actually means "foolish" or "stupid", rather than "disgusting" or "foul" as I thought. Still, I've been using it in the correct context. Collocation with "Gaijin" is definitely common.

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