Friday, September 01, 2006

The Smile

What was I smiling at?


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Things that rock:

1) Planet Earth

2) Sunrise

3) Hauling your sorry, moderately rotund ass up to 3776 metres above sea level to the top of a mountain to really appreciate #1 and #2.

As you may have guessed, I climbed Mt. Fuji last weekend. It was glorious, challenging and most of all very, very typically Japanese. I'll talk your eyes off about it soon enough. For now, enjoy some sweet pics.

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ed said...

Did I leave a comment here?

ed said...

Oh look, it worked that time.
Lets see if i can do it again-


okay, that didnt work-


ed said...

Kinda weird this comment thing
Sometimes it works, sometimes it dont.


ed said...

Look, this sucks, i just want to make a polite comment about how lame it was of you to slip out of town to climb a hill rather than carry your neighborhood anvil around and i gotta type 'onaafevg ' then click a certain radio button and fill in a username box?
Brent, make this easier. Fer fucks sake, its not like you are the CIA or something.

Merry Man In Japan said...

I am certainly not the CIA, but I still get the same amount of comment spam as they do.

82nsdhsi03ing still beats having me approve posts, ne?

And come on... it would have been easier to write all of those posts together and just 32982ij3nnd once.

: )

point taken though. I'll try to track down a more enjoyable filter. Something like "Are you a stupid spam bot?" and require people to enter something like "no".

Let's aiming to please.