Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Posting is thirsty work

I'm still bashing away at a post about climbing fuji, but I wanted to take a quick break for a nice cool drink.

A nice can of bottled water.
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mmmmm... that's refreshing.
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Sweet Japan, you always quench my thirst.


David said...

Can you find a bottle of canned tuna?

Oh, and don't you think the label "funny" is kind of redundant for your blog?

Merry Man In Japan said...

Ideally it would be "Bottled Canned Chicken of the Freshwater Ocean". I'll keep my gropey hands and leering eyes trained on the store shelves for just such a discovery.

As for the "funny" label, I've been tossing it on things that I think are particularly funny. I'll take that as a compliment though! Thanks!