Friday, February 02, 2007

Let's Horror: A video montage

These days, most people know that the Japanese have a knack for horror. I suspect that this was a somewhat less publicized around the world a few years ago, before "The Ring" scared the crap out of everyone. I've never seen the Japanese original, but I don't doubt that it's far, far scarier than the Western copy.

Why? Well, after visiting a few haunted houses and such here, I've realized that the average Japanese person is far better at BEING scared. The reaction is very visceral, and people feel no qualms about screaming, squealing, bouncing and fleeing bodily from danger. And those are just the men.

That kind of reaction to horror has got to be some serious positive reinforcement for the average horror film maker.

Want proof?

I went to a haunted house recently, and thought it would be fun to video tape my friends' exit from the haunted house. Unfortunately, all you can hear before people run out of the exit is a lot of screaming in total, abject terror. So, I kept the camera on, and I'm glad that I did.

As such, I am proud to present to you "Low Budget Video Montage of Frightened Japanese People, Vol. 1".

Of course, it's only fair to present the final verdict, courtesy of dear Emily Sensei.



During a trip through this haunted house, each group is given a flashlight. Being able to look around with just a single light for three people is bloody scary. Especially when your flashlight dies, as one group's did. The house is full of gory scenes and various actors dressed up like zombies. They sneak up on you through various trap doors and false walls. They creep up behind you, come out from under beds. Trust me, it is scary as SHIT.

Amusing anecdote:

Some of our heroes were making their way carefully through a fearful dungeon of horror. The light on their flashlight, dim to start, slowly trailed off into nothing. Using their cell phones to light the way, they crept through the bloody rooms. Suddenly, a ghost jumped out at them! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!", said one girl. Slowly, the ghost put a hand into his bloody jacket, and pulled out....


Handing it over, the ghost bowed twice and faded back into the darkness.

Sigh... only in Japan.

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