Saturday, February 10, 2007

Best Summer Ever

So, sometimes people come up with adjectives that don't realllly match the thing they are describing.

Take "Summer" for example. Summer is "Hot", "Sticky" and "Fun". So, I suppose people basically felt that any adjective that describes a hot, fun time is appropriate for summer.

Hmm... this occasionally goes.... wrong.

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Want to see it live? CLICK!!!!!!!

I love it when my spirits are raised and the city comes energetically. It's so throbbingly hot. I'm not sure what bon-odori is, but I'm pretty sure it means "naked and sweaty"


Tessa said...

I can't remember how I chanced upon your blog...But I'm having such fun reading it and remembering all of my long ago memories of living in Japan. Thrilled to know it hasn't lost any of it's freakness!

Gotta Love it!!!

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