Monday, June 26, 2006

Wicked Pics Round Up

So, I am still procrastinating my 24 hour adventure. It's about half written, but today I opted for massive amounts of biking instead of writing. So, you get a placeholder post as a reward for being more dilligent as a reader than I am as a writer.

Ok... hold on to your english skills... here we GO!

We start our journey at a humble ketchup bottle. This company has no excuse for putting strange English on packaging, as they are American enough to sponsor the thinking (aka "losing") side of the last US Presidential Election.

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Then again, if the label is true, this might be the best bottle of ketchup ever invented! Not only is it more than one bottle, it's FOREVER FULL! Sweet!

Next, we come to a sign that isn't strictly Japanese, but it *IS* on the door of my co-worker's classroom. She's both Japanese and Hilarious. Also quite sketchy, which I appreciate.

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English here is often mistaken for a language that is intended for Native English Speakers. It is not. Here in Japan, it is custom tailored to Japanese sensibilities. For example, this coffee shop seems interesting, but surely sounds like a wonderful time...

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Whatever "Classic Mood" is, it sure sounds Classic!

This next sign isn't funny so much as it is either a) an everyday occurance if you live in Japan or b) mindboggingly insane if you've never been here.

This is a picture of the departure board in a station called "Shin Yurigaoka". It's a decent trek further into the suburbs from where I life. If it was in Toronto, I would give the neighbourhood a label like "Newmarket" for size and distance. Its pretty far out of town, but has enough stuff to be self sufficient. In the average suburb, how much time has to pass for three trains to leave one platform. Ok... now imagine Japan. A bit more crowded, so drop half your estimate.

I bet you're still way off. Check out these departure times.

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The next train after the 1:22 train was 1:27. Sweet Amazing Transportation Awesomeness.

And, what would a post be without my absolute FAVOURITE grammar fun. I'm beginning to realize that while "grammatically" incorrect, for fun factor, using "Let's + Noun" might be the most enjoyable bit of language that I've seen in ages. Try it at home and see how much fun it is!

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Let's Posting! Let's Drinking! Let's "Let's"ing!

Finally, I would like to share a bit of work awesomeness with you. Apparently, we have a school website. My manager likes to change the pictures every month, and also use my picture on advertising (who knows why...). Basically, my face is on so much correspondence that if I get trashed and start high fiving people (again) or ... someone finds this blog... then we may be in serious trouble. Anyway, until that day, here's my official e-first impression. Be sure to note that I "shaved with my electric" that day.

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Teresa Heinz is married to John Kerry, who lost the last US Election to George "oil crusade" W. B. Bill Clinton once remarked on a television show called "The Daily Show" that "...democrats win when people think", and I happen to agree with him. I'm not saying that Clinton's party has all the answers, but they seem from afar to have....

Ah hell. you didn't come here for politics. Google it.

Newmarket is a wealthy north Toronto suburb. Shinyurigaoka is a relatively wealthy west Tokyo suburb. Newmarket has more soccer moms, but Shinyurigaoka has bigger buildings.

To my superiors, who may or may not read this: I can assure you that I immediately ran to the washroom and shaved after being photographed for the last picture.


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