Thursday, January 11, 2007

Skipping over the pond

The Pacific Ocean is big. This fact, plus the usual airport/customs/immigration paperwork/waiting funfest means that a trip across the ocean is a bloody long one.

Oh, and since some bonehead Canadian invented Standard Time, I can also tell exactly how many hours the day will be extended or reduced by.

For example: a 14 hour time difference means......

Departure time from Toronto home: 10:45 AM, January 7th.
Arrival time at Tokyo apartment: 9:00 pm, January 8th.

U G H.

The upshot?

Some more evidence that cell phone cameras should kick ass so you don't always have to dig out your "real" camera. Here are some shots of clouds up near the Arctic Circle. They fly up near the pole for two reasons: 1) actual geography and 2) to uphold the great map-perception conspiracy that makes you feel that Greenland deserves almost as much UN representation as Africa.

Anyway, on to the fun pics.

Mmmm... marshmallow fields.

Yay for global-warming-inducing contrails!!! Whee!!!

Ok... that looks purty.

I learned a few lessons during the flight as well!

Good things to order when flying from Tokyo to Toronto

1) THE SALMON! Very yummy and fresh!
2) Wine! Drinks count for double at 20000 feet. Intercontinental flights are like the world's most expensive AND most effective all-you-can-drink parties!

Bad things to order when flying from Toronto to Tokyo

1) THE SALMON! Very scummy and reheated!
2) "Japanese Rice". Japanese people just say "Rice". You should be very suspicious* if the flight staff leaving Canada feel the need to specify that this particular rice is "Japanese".

*Very suspicious: Very unwilling** to risk.

**Very unwilling: do as I say, not as I do.

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