Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Self Esteem: Now 50% less!

I'm a big fan of crazy English, and crazyness in general, so I wanted to share a wonderful "little" place with you.

In what has probably become my favourite bit of town, Sakuragicho, head to the World Porters building. It's about about a 10 minute walk from the station - head towards the giant ferris wheel. Look for the giant building that looks like...uh...this:

The whole building is worth a shop, but I particularly enjoyed the fifth floor, the "Broadway Avenue Floor". Here, you'll find lots of wonderful little crazy shops. Fair warning: most of the clothes in these shops are in Japanese sizes, so bring a fair bit of confidence or a smaller friend if you want to buy anything. Still... it's worth wandering.

After all, you wouldn't want to pass up the chance to see about a fashion store that might as well be called "Slutty Susan".

Loosy Lou not only encourages whoring, but also fails horribly in most of its attempts to be "cheerful", despite liberal use of "YEAH! and fluffy bunnies.

YEAH! See our family to realize As it's all running down! Fill your head all full of lies!!!

The back of the shirt isn't too shabby either, as it also matches fluffy bunnies with soul draining insanity.

Overall, it's a wildly optimistic store.

After all that soul-draining, you might want something to cheer you up. Don't worry. They've got you covered next door...

Golden Jesus lights up your life, you know.

Oh, and if you aren't into gramatically challenged depression or God-kitsch, you can always play mini golf on the roof. The view is fantastic, and 18 holes of crazy fun are only 800 yen. always know what time it is!

Still, if golf isn't your thing... I guess you could....

Get your ears cleaned?!?!

This shop is on the 6th floor of World Porters.... ready with immaculately clean people armed with face masks, q-tips and barbers' chairs. Dave and I were running late, and had no time for even the 1000 yen "basic" cleaning... but if anyone else heads out there before I do, please snag some pics and report back!

* Sorry, is my "Geek" showing?

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