Thursday, January 25, 2007


So boys.... have you ever been alone at night, and wished that your hand could turn into a beautiful woman?

Wouldn't that be great?

Fear not, handfantasizers! Japan has you covered, so let your mind wander! Imagine if you could stuff your sexy hand into a hot black corset. Picture her long, golden legs and narrow waist. She would cut a neat figure and turn a healthy calf, methinks. Indeed, much like all those rabbit owning ladies, you'd never *really* need to leave the house.

Well, (ladies and) gentlemen, am happy to announce that this magical handywoman exists!

She works in Shibuya, and she sells CORSETS!!

Truthfully, her surroundings are nowhere near as illustrious as she is, but an ill-fitting corset on a twisted mannequin goes a long way to "level up" the illustriousness of a given neighbourhood.

You can see that day she was holding up a Japanese sign with this guy's photo!

You can see that she was holding up a Japanese photo sign with this guy Dave!

In addition to points for "utility" and "poise", Miss Handywoman's creators also scored highly in the "creepy", "twisted" and "imaginative" categories. Bravo! Here's your little gold stat- ...



Rabbit owning ladies - email me, ask in person, or click this link somewhere OTHER than your office.

Olde-ish English:
cut a neat figure - be slim
turn a healthy calf - have nice legs.
methinks - I think.

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