Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sales Pitches!

I love store front signage, as it is a good chance for a store to distill its insanity down to a single sentence.

For example, this store, which seems to be selling "HOP! HOP! HOP!"

I'm sure it's a hot commodity for all those times where "STEP" is not quite joyous enough, "JUMP" seems to reek of effort, and "LEAP!" is both too formal and too optimistic. "HOP!" is a great choice, and one of the more underused forms of personal motion. Great store.

Sometimes, the wit comes out when people don't quite understand the full meaning of a given word. Take the concept of "heat", for example. This would seem to be a very good idea for say... a tanning studio.

Unfortunately, the "heat" that you use to make yourself a nice golden brown is not quite the same as the heat that you use to make, say... a chicken breast a nice golden brown...

Of course, I also like it when people describe EXACTLY what happens at their store.
The gold standard of these types of ads are situations where inadvertent sexual references appear. Such as the sign below, which manages to turn a menswear shop into a rainbow flag waving banner for hiding your sexual orientation. Ah, sweet comic genius.

Of course, what do responsible young coming-out-of-the-closet-mens do with their straight mens??? Have no fear, the neighbourhood of Daikanyama (where all these pictures were snapped) has thoughtfully provided this gem of a shop next door. Just drop your breeder mens off here with pocket money to shop around.

All of this promotion is well and good, but it certainly lacks a certain amount of "wild, overwhelming untruthfulness". This, I think is a highly underrated advertising technique...

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