Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sweet Japan Pictures #5: Gender Relations

The relationship between men and women has been a bit odd for the past few hundred years here in Japan - at least, so I hear. And while modern ideas of equality are slowly creeping into the system (again, so I hear), there are still a few moments of hilarity to be had.

The first one I would like to share with you is quite simple really. A simple request for courtesy that I found in a bar in that crazy land of dance - floor - humping, Roppongi.

If you read this sign VERY carefully, you can find a one letter typo that makes it totally perverted.

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For those of you who would prefer a more obvious type of "perverted", I am pleased to offer you these bedsheets. If I had the opportunity, I would totally buy these for every one of my male friends. For you ladies, I would be happy to track down a purple haired guy with a huge sword and a taste for "combos".


Anyway, here you go.

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1) The typo is in the word "farther". It should read "further". If you want me to explain further, comment or email me.

2) Yes, I stole the bedsheet picture from the intar-web. It's still funny.

3) That box of tissues is tasteful and classy.

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