Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sweet Japan Pics #3: Bery Cool Ride

More sweet pics, mostly courtesy of Geoff Sensei, who today bids the land of Japanigans sweet farewell.

During his time here, Geoff was heavily interested in science. He sought scientific discovery wherever possible, and aimed to break new and exciting ground, both linguisically and psycho-sexually. yeah.

He even looked for science in the bathroom. Like these people!

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Geoff, you will be missed.

Now, going back to the US will require a few lifestyle changes. You will no longer be able to benefit from what is probably the world's greatest public transportation network.

So... you need to get yourself a vehicle. You want something comfortable, stable and funky. You want something that can excite the ladies, yet fit in most city parking spots...

you want....

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a souped up, tricked out city-quadrunner with low-profile tires.

Hell, that's what everyone needs.

Ok... and finally, in honour of the fact that Geoff consumed infinitely more alcohol in my company than he did in the previous two years (I saw him enjoy 2 drinks during his time here in Japan, whereas he hadn't been drinking at all in the time leading up to his arrival.)

This fine establishmen is based on an important english rule: we like to give lists in threes. Like, "Sink, Sank, Sunk" or "Swim, Swam, Swum"

This place only has two words, but fear not... you (or anyone else who ventures there) can be the third word.

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Psycho-sexually: (adj) related to the brain AND related to sexuality. A Mind-fuck, if you will.

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