Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Special Guest Interlude

First, a happy Japanese moment, brought to you by a foreign friend of mine. I realize that the humour of this comment is like saying "fuck" before you've taken english lessons, but if you crackers or blackers ever want to amuse some japanese folk, please feel free to install these kanji on anything you own.

Thanks Dave! You're hilarious. Lots of luck with this sales pitch!


中=ちゅう=In progress

What a great lesson. Even better? The "copy" function. Consider this geniousness released to the general public.

And yet, alas.....

A sad day is upon my Japanese life... sweet Geoff sensei is headed back to the lovely city of Vancouver for a career as a police officer in the next little while.

Unfortunately, Geoff is from Vancouver, USA, a small town near Portland which somehow needs a SWAT team in the local area, so he will be getting shot at a fair bit more often than people in "real" Vancouver. Right Mrs. Cross?

Don't worry. Between the earthquakes, tsunamis, North Korean missles, and death-by-overwork (かろおし or "karooshi", I think is the word.) He's probably better off with the bullets.

Ah... tasteless to the end.

In honour of this sad moment, I will post two lovely pics that Geoffery sent to me today.

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Well... I guess if they had to add another spice girl, this beats "Syphilis Spice".

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Jinro is a Korean alcohol. And yes, Let's.

I will be very sad to see Geoffery go, but I am very thankful for his friendship, shenanigans and general coolness. Geoff Sensei, you'll be sorely missed.

Tune back in soon for more about my 24 hour life.

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