Tuesday, July 11, 2006

24 hour partyness, continued!

... This post has gone on long enough that I have since RETURNED to the land of 24 hour party since beginning this post. We can add the latest shenanigans in point form on a future post.

... So... where were we...?

Ah... pottery pics!

"Goshiko" was kind enough to send some sweet pics of the pott-ing. Here they are, in all of their majesty...

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Mine is the grey cup-shaped blob.

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Here is a more central version, where my art gets to go all Barbara Streisand and totally grab the entire spotlight. Thanks for showing up, supporting pottery!

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Fortunately, someone spiked my green tea with "Rage-o-hol". That... or maybe I am expressing my primal creative instincts in an orgy of artistic fist-pumping.

Yeah, pretty sweet stuff.

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