Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tidbits #2

A few tidbits for you:

1) My bike did NOT get stolen this weekend, contrary to my own subconcious efforts. Bike locks here in J-pan are built into the frame. You just click a little hoop closed, which keeps the back tire from rolling, and pocket the key. Of course, this means that anyone driving a camry-sized car or larger can steal 3 or 4 bikes in a given day, because they aren't locked TO anything. Anyway, I pulled the genius plan of leaving my key IN the lock (open), and leaving my bike in the parking lot at my school for the whole weekend. Not only did some nice person NOT steal my bike, but they also took the time to MOVE it into the corner where the open lock would be less visible.
Japanese culture may have some strangely rude moments (like religious aversions to waiting in lines and holding doors for people) but when it comes to honesty and courtesy to strangers, its hard to beat this place.

2) I am going to try to start posting more regularly (twice each week if I can?), as several people have asked me to do so. I have to say that I'm very flattered that people are enjoying my life. I know I enjoy it. So...as my old boss used to say, "Let's have fun with us!" I'll try to make sure that I have twice as many crazy adventures so as to keep a basic level of "idiot" present in each post. I will ALSO try to keep the percentage of posts that involve "peeing" or "penises" to much lower levels....

For those of you who are counting, I'm at 50% over the past 8 posts.

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