Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Japanese Gourmet: Yakiniku

Subtitle: Hot Beef

Yakiniku is the Japanese version of “Barbeque” (We sometimes call it “Korean BBQ” in Canada…) Each table is built with a gas fired flame-pit and grill in the middle, and the staff bring you a ton oof thinly sliced meat dishes. Pork, beef, chicken, seafood, veggies and whatever else you can possibly select based on nice pictures or scary plastic replicas are all available. You then cook the food at your table, dip it in sauce, and eat. Its yummy.

Yakiniku is also one of the best meals ever for a healthy helping of dirty double entendre.

Who wants some meat?
Please give me some meat.
I love beef!
This meat is too hot!
I’m so full of beef!
Would you like some tongue?
Do you want pork? (“to pork” would be grammatically correct….)
Here, grab this beef and give me some pork.
Are you finished with the beef?
That’s a huge piece of beef!

Other suggestions are most welcome.

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