Monday, May 08, 2006

Rhymes with Green Tea: a new blogging low

Today, ol' Geoff sensei and I met for dinner at a local sushi restaurant. We go there at least once each week, so the chefs know us on sight. Even better, they know what I want because I always order the same thing: "ski-jee". Its hard to pass up you see, when you can have 10 different kinds of negiri (thats a decent sized slab of fish on a ball of rice, for you people who get your omega 3 acid and fish oil in pill form) , an order of maki (rolls), half an eel and a bowl of shrimp head miso soup (I'll take pics next time. They put the shrimp heads in the soup for extra awesome seafoody-taste)...and all for about 945 yen, or ~$9 canadian. Its also sushi-shop as much free green tee as you can drink.

This "as much as you can drink" was the interesting part today, because we were the only customers. Japanese customer service ettiquite dictates that you should do as much as possible for your customers, up to and almost including spoon feeding them. So, when you want more green tea, they run from the back and bring it to you. I usually start feeling a bit guilty after the fourth time a very nice middle aged Japanese person has run from the back room to pour me a cup of free tea.

Since Geoff and I were the only people there today, I asked if they just LEFT us the pitcher of tea. The staff were a bit hesitant at first, but they eventually decided that no-one would protest their horrible treatment of their customers by leaving the well-beaten plastic pitcher on their immaculate counter. Ah, the sweet glory of self serve.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Geoffery and I managed to drink two pitchers of Green tea in the space of about an hour.

Which brings us to today's lesson:

If you drink a LOT of green tea, you'll have a lot of green pee.

Tune in later this week for an intellectual treatment of international humour: Let's Farting!

/I know this is a new low. Just be thankful that I didn't post any pictures.
//... or video.

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