Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Apaato 2 - the NEW Apaato

Hey All... here's a short one with some pics of the new place.

I'm more than open for poster suggestions (heh.. and other stuff....) Even if Dave is the only who suggests, and I can find said suggestion, I'll put it up.

From the Entrance... this is my "kitchen"... which is about the only downside - I'm now down to a single burner, which also doubles as my... counter??? yep. thats it... a sink and about a one square foot burner/counter. Oh well. Not much cooking happens here anyway - eating out is almost the same price!

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View from the door side. I'm sure you can see the minor improvement in living conditions. While I'm still moving, you might notice little things like the absence of mouldy, disgusting walls and a ratty floor.

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Here's the view back towards the door from the other side...

These pics were all taken like the ones in the other apartment - by holding my camera in the corner. So, not huge by any North American standard, but not too shabby for 30 min from one of the busiest cities in the world.

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Not too shabby, I say.

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Anonymous said...

Nicely done! But now you'll actually have to PAY for that penicillin....