Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Don't Drink and Ride

This past weekend, Erica, one of the other teachers I met at my Vancouver training session, came down to visit Tokyo. Since she is from a rural buttfuck-nowhere (I think its litterally translated from Japanese as "honourable place for unsolicited rear coitus that is lacking the regular train service", but I'm still sometimes fuzzy on that translation stuff) town, she was very interested in seeing the big city.

Anyway, also in the same training session were Patrick and Sophie, who also work and live in this wonderful place. This weekend ALSO happened to be Sophie's Birthday Party Celebration. Most of all, though, was the stunning (seriously, in a city of 30 million odd people...) coincidence that 40-odd other teachers from my company were ALSO booked into the same restaraunt for a drink-fest following a massive scavenger hunt party.

Suffice to say that Newcomer to Tokyo + Friends Birthday + Scavenger Hunt Party is a recipie for drinking at least 3 cocktails of moderate strength, and an excuse for a few more beyond that.

/ I'd like to point out that the last Scavenger Hunt party left me with a black eye for a week.

Anyway... so... here are a couple of shots of Erica and Sophie that nicely demonstrate two points in the drinking where I was able to hold the camera-phone.

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In this first picture.... lets call it between 2 and 4 drinks... Sophie is 20% Japanese (two fingers sign, which she hates and will be very displeased if she ever finds out that I've shared this) and Erica is cheerful and clearheaded!

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In picture #2, we are well into the evening. We can see here that Sophie has in fact become 55% Japanese, as she is holding a karoke microphone AND is making the peace sign. Erica, on the other hand, is now blurry and no-headed.

This also clearly demonstrates the fact that I am on the road to disaster on the evening in question.

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Above, picture #3, is an actual picture of "The Road To Disaster", or more accurately, where it leads to in the Tokyo area. In this specific case, it is the first thing I saw at about 10 am from the window of the train.

Unfortunately for me, I had parted from the rest of the crew and boarded my train. Being, well, recently moved into a new apartment, I am rather unfamilliar with the trains leading there. Further conpounding this error-in-the-making was the fact that I was, sadly, not lucid enough to recognise the aforementioned unfamilliarity and opt to consult any high tech devices, such as my cell phone map, signs or other people.

Therefore, I boarded the (WRONG) train, and proceeded to fall quite soundly asleep, for about three hours.

Yes. For Three Hours.

This photo was actually taken in an area of Chiba, which is on the east side of Tokyo (My apartment is in the south west, by the way). It actually took me two hours by express train to get home for noon (still quite heavily intoxicated) and promptly sleep through the latter half of my weekend.

Thank you, thank you... I'll be here all month. Try the veal.

% of friends I expect would find this funny: 96
% of Aizicks who are reacting with amused encouragement: 0


Anonymous said...

a) I need to come visit you in Japan
b) I'm laughing AT you, not WITH you....just so we're clear on that.

Fish :D

.h said...

At least it was the weekend -- haven't drunk yourself through missing work yet, have you? :) Enjoy!

Merry Man In Japan said...

no... starting work at 12 every day (and having monday off) are wonderful ways to keep from drinking through work...