Monday, January 16, 2006

I SUCK... but I will mend my evil ways. PART 2

OK! We are back, from outer space, we just walked in to find that sad look upon your face....


Jessica and I spent the day of the dinner was spent hanging out at dear sophie's place. We also drank a boatload of wine and ate about three pounds of chocolate while deep frying yams (or as their known here, "ee-mo(s)")..

SIDEBAR #1: YaaaaaaaakeeeeMooooo

One of the most hilarious forms of nourishment in this country, I have to elaborate on, and I have to do it here and now.

Yaki, in Japanese, means "baked" or "roasted". If you've ever had "yakitori" that is where this comes from (tori is, I believe "chicken"... but you usually say "tori-niku"... (niku is like "meat"... as in gyu-niku - beef or buta-niku - pork)... but that is enough brackets for now)...

Anyway... these guys roll through the streets with a huge ass barbecue selling baked yams. And when I say huge ass, I mean that it is a barbecue pickup truck. They also pull this genius bit of attention attraction where they yell into megaphones. (having somehow eschewed anything like the north american ice cream guy or the knife sharpening guy that roll through the streets.)

They just yell what they're selling in one long drawn out word... yaaaaaaaaaaakeeeemoooooooooooooo... yaaaaaaaakeemooooooooooooooooooo... its pretty awesome.

The yams happen to be tasty too.

/end SIDEBAR #1

So, the dinner. I WILL get through this, no matter how many times I lose my train of thought and take you on a random Being John Malkovich-esque charge through my brain.

Yeah... it was full of boozing teachers, bad jokes and lots of turkey, which I even got to carve. I don't know why they thought arming a two-bottles-of-wine-to-the wind Brent with five inches of sharpened steel and the chance to reenact grade eleven biology dissection class, but hey, they did it, and boy did I make hella short work of that birdie. It was a smallish bird, perhaps half or less the size of the one your family usually gets, but by gum, I pulled enough meat off of that sucker to feed 10 people and have left overs to boot!

(admittedly, there were some chicken legs and some vegetarians, but it went over well all in all)

I'll leave it there, but for all of you geeks out there in otakuland (that crack is for dave mccallum, who swore he would never speak to me again if I started using that word), our cake was a spiderman cake.

pictures forthcoming.

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Neil Glazebrook said...

That cake should have provided adequate sustenance for your Dr. Who marathon.