Saturday, March 03, 2007

Kyoto Signage

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Sometimes, at least 60% of those words are dirty.

I love those times.

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Hmmm... I never knew you were into that. But ok. I'd love to be a "beatus" person. Still, I'm pretty sure that the people who translated "Beatus" as "happy" were...uh.... "tops". But that still sounds like my kind of micro cosmos.

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You can always dream. In Kyoto, you can even dream of becoming "Delivery Health", or as we say in English "Prostitutes".

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Overheard in Osaka: "Hey Baby! Let's have a quick pants party! Right here! Awwww.... C'mon!!!"

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This one goes out to Matt and all the real tight peeps in Shimokitazawa. I never knew there was so much anger on the Odakyu Line. Stand proud, 小田急線の巨人。 

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For some reason, Scott decided to attend University after spending time with me in Japan.

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For those crazy kids classes, Dave gets into his ever popular "Bozo the Touchtastic Gaijin Clown" character.

Top: Nope.. I'm not explaining this. I'M NOT EXPLAINING THIS. NO. NOT YOURS.

aargh... a "top" is the dominant person in a sexual relationship. Here, the person "beating" other person/people.


ed said...

Okay, perhaps you can explain this one?

Anonymous said...

If you read the Kanji on the Be Escort sign you'll notice that it skin care and hair removal... That is a respectable shop and can be found everywhere...

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